Fat Loss Factor Review - Should You Buy This Program?

Are You Overweight or Obese and looking for a weight loss solution?

A study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development which is based in Paris said: Citizens of the world's richest countries are getting fatter and the United States is leading the charge,

Nearly three out of four, (70%), Americans will be overweight or obese by 2020, and disease rates and health care spending will balloon, unless governments, individuals and industry cooperate on a comprehensive strategy to combat the epidemic.

The OECD Organisation senior health economist and the author of the study, Franco Sassi says "Food is much cheaper than in the past, in particular food that is not particularly healthy, and people are changing their lifestyles, and they have less time to prepare meals and are eating out more in restaurants."
Fat Loss Factor Review - Should You Buy This Program?
Not only that but coupled with the fact that people in these relatively rich countries are today much less physically active than in the past means that the number of overweight people have swelled to nearly 70 percent in the U.S. this year from well under 50 percent in 1980, according to the OECD.

The lifespan of an obese person is up to 8-10 years shorter than that of a normal-weight person, the OECD said, the same loss of lifespan incurred by smoking.

Obesity and socioeconomic status:

According to the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

• Non-Hispanic black and Mexican-American men with higher incomes are more likely to be obese than those with low income. And education levels not being a determining factor.

• Higher income women are less likely to be obese than low-income women. And women with a college education are less likely to be obese than non-college educated women.

• Between 1988-1994 and 2007-2008 the prevalence of obesity increased in adults at all income and education levels.

• Non-Hispanic blacks have the highest age-adjusted rates of obesity (49.5%)

• Mexican Americans (40.4%)

• All Hispanics (39.1%)

• Non-Hispanic whites (34.3%)

The Health and Social Affects of Obesity:

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009 report into Overweight and obesity, being overweight or obese contributes to serious health issues such as:

• High blood pressure

• Coronary heart disease

• Type 2 Diabetes

• Osteoarthritis

• Certain types of cancer and

• Gallbladder disease

The social implications of being overweight or obese is a touchy subject and can cause just as much harm to a person's emotional wellbeing and social opportunities.

A recent study by the Australian Monash University found that the obesity stigma exists in many workplaces and cultural settings. It found that overweight individuals are stereotyped as being lazy, unhealthy, gluttonous and unmotivated.

The study looked into 3 types of weight specific stigmas in the community:

• Direct, (e.g. being abused when using public transport)

• Indirect, (e.g. other shoppers staring at what is in their shopping trolleys)

• Environmental, (e.g. not being able to fit into a airline seat)

The study found that participants were more negatively affected by the more subtle forms of stigma, and that these individuals felt they deserved it and would rarely retaliate to this stigma when confronted by it.

Obese individuals faced social isolation, emotional distress and withdrawal from social activities whenever they thought they would be stigmatised. And this reluctance to engage in physical activity because of the fear of being stigmatised contributes to the difficulty of losing weight. The study revealed that these overweight or obese individuals would constantly think about how to lose weight and look for weight loss solutions.

One Possible Solution

Knowing that the rich western nations are getting fatter, is it any wonder that "weight loss " is one of the most searched out topics on the internet?

One of the recent popular products is the Fat Loss Factor Program.

The Questions we need to ask:

• What is It?

• How does it work?

• Can It help me lose weight?

Weight loss and good health is directly related to good nutrition and regular exercise. Both are equally as important and both are required for weight lose and good health. One without the other doesn't work.

What is it?

The Fat Loss Factor Program was created by Dr. Charles Livingstone, a qualified nutritionist and chiropractic physician. He offers a complete solution of nutrition and a regular exercise plan to lose weight fast, (12 Weeks) and increase your vitality, increase your metabolism and lose fat.

Think of it as a re-training program. The things I should have been taught if my mum was a nutritionist. It will teach you to shop right, prepare nutritional meals and a daily work out exercise program that is easy to follow. It consists of a 2 Week detox program followed by a 10 week weight lose plan of meals and exercises to increase your metabolism and reduce fat. What I think is just as important is it also addresses issues such as emotional eating, binge eating and night time cravings. Which I for one admit too. I love dunking biscuits into my cup of coffee late at night before I go to bed... very naughty! My husband is really to blame he brings home biscuits when he does the shopping.

There are a lot of weight loss solutions out there, you just have to Google the words weight loss and you'll see there are hundreds. Remember weight loss takes thoughtful decisions and a commitment to follow a plan. It takes a decision to change something. A wise man said, "The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results." The truth is if you want something to change you have to behave differently. And this is just one weight loss plan that teaches you to behave differently.

How does it work?

Well I'm glad you asked.

You follow a simple step by step 12-week exercise and nutrition schedule. In the package it sets out the importance of every step of the program, what each step is designed to do, how it works and what you can expect to see. It also comes with other helpful tips and even a weight loss logbook to track your progress and your routines and this becomes a source of pride and encouragement during the program.

There are no pills or powders to buy that could latter affect your health or lighten your wallet unnecessarily.

Before you put the good stuff in you have to take the bad stuff out, so the 12 week program starts with a 2 week Detox regime to cleanse your body of bad toxins and harmful additives our bodies pick up from eating so much processed foods. You will be glad to know this is the most challenging part of this weight loss program and you get it out of the way at the very beginning. Now that you are ready to put the good stuff in, you will start by preparing meals with low levels of gylcernic and l

Now that you are eating nutritious foods you have to exercise and this program comes with short intense exercise routines that are effective in losing weight and gaining strength and lean muscle.

The Fat Loss Factor Program also has stress relieving exercises and information to offer a complete weight loss regime that addresses both the body and the mind in the battle against weight loss.

The Fat Loss Factor Program package includes:

• The Main Course e-book.

• Exercise Log.

• The Master Cleanse Movie.

• The program FooJoo.

• The Plan Work outs.

• Grocery Shopping Listing.

• The FIFTEEN Minute Exercises.

• Setting Destination Manual.

• The Recipe e-book.

• Form Factor Measurement of Fat Loss.

Can it help me lose weight?

There are a lot of weight loss solutions out there. There is no one method that is right for everyone. Unlike some clothing, one size does not fit all when it comes to weight loss programs.

But what I do know is nutrition and exercise are the keys in losing weight and getting healthy. This product is but one solution there are so many other potential weight loss solutions.

The Fat Loss Factor Program is a popular program because its:

• Simple

• Addresses the physical,(nutrition and exercise), and mental aspects of weight loss

• Relatively quick (12 weeks)

• Teaches its customers new skills for creating a new lifestyle.

ean sources of protein foods.