Purple flowers

black maxi dress: old navy via thrift, CA (exact) // lace shirt: f21 (exact) // jacket: thrifted (similar) // scarf: f21 (exact) // shoes: urban outfitters // necklace: thrifted, CA -- made from an old purse chain! // sunnies: prague street vendor // bag: thrifted, CA

I spent a lot of time cleaning the apartment and going through my closet this weekend, which naturally meant that I changed my clothes an insane amount of times -- so, this is what I wore at some point on Saturday for a quick walk and out for date-night dinner at a nearby restaurant. Then the sun set and I was freezing, so I threw on a new look and met up with friends for drinks and chocolate. Before all this, I hung out with my sister and niece and wore something completely different. I guess it was just a three outfit minimum kind of day -- and that's not even counting all the abandoned items found in my wardrobe that I wore around the house while trying to talk myself into donating them to Goodwill. I am in awe of those of you out there who are able to get rid of pieces you doubt you'll wear again. It's a skill I'd really like to cultivate, instead of ferociously hoarding silkscreened t-shirts that I made when was seventeen. (Whyyyyy do I still have so many of these?)

Other life challenges? Taking pictures of black maxis on an iPhone. Kudos to my cameraman for his many attempts!