plaid: jcrew via thrift, CA (similar) // sweater: f21 via thrift, CA (similar) // skirt: f21 via thrift, CA (similar) // boots: steve madden (similar) necklace: f21 (similar) // hat: f21, old

This is one of those outfits that I never thought I would ever wear. It's not particularly fashion-forward or earth-shattering, but for a long time I did not consider myself a skirt-person. If I did bother to wear one, it was because fanciness was required -- so the idea of wearing a basic, simple skirt just because was completely foreign. Plus, the hat. I don't know how I went so long in life without understanding this one basic truth about myself: I love hats. I thought I hated them, but I was wrong, so very wrong. Do you have any styles that you used to avoid, but now rock on the regular?

And, despite what past-me would have predicted, I felt totally myself in this look, (even with all the wrinkles in my skirt, because, well... that's just something that happens when you wear skirts from Forever 21), and I especially loved the Autumn vibe, which is my favorite season (New England fall foliage, we are gonna hang out so hard next year). Happy Friday, y'all!