How to wear mustard

It is perfect.  Just the right colour, the right fit, the right length and the right price!  I am of course talking about my new mustard cardigan!  I recently posted about the things I wanted to buy to 'juz' up my wardrobe for the coming winter and this cardigan was top of the list. 

I was overjoyed that in Farmers sale yesterday it went down from $40 to $28 - and with my $50 voucher I was also able to pick up these cute beige booties (50% off made them $45) for the grand sum of $23!!! Slightly over my $20 per fortnight budget but I'm sure you'll agree a brilliant bargain!
So outfit wise, here's how I started my day; khaki Stussy mini skirt (thrifted), patterned green singlet (thrifted), Primark green snake print belt, K scrabble piece ring (local market) and Next snakeskin print sandals.
But wow what a difference the booties and cardigan make!

After the discussion in Wardrobe Wednesday on scary colours and rant on the Wardrobe Flair Facebook page yesterday I think mustard might just top the intimidating or unflattering colour list.  But why I say!  Here's how some of my favourite bloggers wear mustard.