Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion

So with the end of FABruary came the realisation for me that we are officially in the first day of Autumn here in NZ.  By the post title it's obvious I'm mainly talking to those in the Southern Hemisphere in this post - but I'd love comments from those now looking forward to spring.  What were your best buys for the season passing???

The key trends and/or clothing pieces that are touted to be hot this Autumn/Winter (starting to emerge in our stores now) are:
  1. Texture - leather, sheer, fur, brocade, trim, tweed, etc.
  2. Berry Colours - think maroon, burgundy, wine and if you buy into the term... oxblood.
  3. Brights - don't put away your colourful summer items yet - why not try head to toe colour?
  4. Black and White - worn head to toe or mixed up.
  5. Patterns - stripes, geometric, black and white.
  6. Coloured denim - and not always the darker colours either (try mustard, berry, mint or forest green).
  7. Jumpers and Button-up Shirts - lots of layering with them both (under and over)
  8. Blazers - still a very popular piece of clothing

After two spring/summers in a row (after my move from the UK back to NZ in August) I am really looking forward to cooler weather this year.  I can't wait to pull out my winter wardrobe - although truthfully in Auckland I expect to need significantly less layers than I did in Shrivenham!

In particular I can't wait to wear my new Ezibuy burgundy jeans (bought on sale $29.95), fake fur stole, scarves, yellow coat, denim and military jackets, grey boots, black lace pointy flats (new from Kmart $15) and my various coloured tights! 

Despite my strict shopping budget ($20 per fortnight) I'm always looking for waysto modernise my existing wardrobe. On my wish list for the coming season; tan knee high boots, black work dress (suitable for layering things under), mustard cardigan, teal/blue tights, proper chambray shirt, gingham shirt, tan or grey ankle boots, colourful beanie, white jumper, mustard scarf/snood and lovely dresses, and sequin skirt.  The only items I intend to buy new are the boots (investment piece!!!) and the mustard cardigan (eyeing one at Farmers, $40, but waiting for sale) - of course you never know what you're going to find op shopping (thrifting).

So ladies what are you buying this Autumn/Winter?  Hopefully I've inspired you with one or two things that might 'juz' up your wardrobe without breaking the budget.  Love to hear what's on your shopping list or even you recent bargain buys!  If anyone has an item they're struggling to style I'd love to help :)