30-30-30 Winter 2013: Recap

Aaaaaaaand, I'm done! (Yikes, this is officially just a 30-30. Let's not do the math on how many days this took; thanks for sticking with me.) Thirty different outfits, thirty different articles of clothing -- here's what I came up with: 

Some thoughts:
  • A couple of pieces were only worn once (red shirt, blue/green shirt -- I'm looking at you), or not at all (gray short-sleeved pullover sweater, where did we go wrong?). These pieces are most likely heading to Goodwill, since I need to start shipping everything I own back East (ugh), and I've got waaay too many clothes to hang onto ones that don't make my heart go pitter-patter.
  • There were some rockstar workhorses: I'd like to thank my chambray popover shirt, sparkly mini skirt, black booties, long-sleeve white/navy stripes, brown leather boots, and pink pencil skirt -- I couldn't have done it without you. (I also probably couldn't have finished without Kristina for inspiration -- she's also finishing up a 30-30, and my blogless friends Sarah and Menaka for their participation and encouragement. Click here to see some the looks they styled.)
  • After keeping my distance from greens and blues for the last year, I think we've finally made amends and are gonna be hanging out a lot in the future. Turquoise, you're my new best friend!
  • Accessories are so helpful in defining an outfit and making it feel fresh. Also, they take up significantly less space. Closet, it's time for an over-haul. 
  • I really, really needed that haircut. Why do I wait so long in between getting it trimmed? 
  • My favorites are four, eight, nine, eleven, seventeen, twenty three, twenty six and twenty eight. What're yours?