Snip snip

skirt: thrifted, CA (similar) // lace tank: zara (similar) // moss green cardigan: gap via thrift, CA (similar) // shoes: payless (similar) // belt: thrifted, VT  // necklace: thrifted, CA (made from a handbag chain)

I'm not gonna lie -- I've been dreaming about wearing this outfit for days now. It was one of the first ideas I had back when I started my 30-30 (in January!), but I hadn't gotten around to actually wearing it until today. It's basically all my favorite pieces thrown together, but I think it works -- though, I'm of the new-found belief that a pink pencil skirt goes with practically anything. 

Plus, yesterday I went to the dentist and in order to keep good on one of my new year's resolutions, that meant I was due for a real haircut. (Other signs that it was time? I've been tossing it up into a makeshift bun way too often, and my bangs were out of control.) I wasn't quite sure what I wanted besides "shorter" and "less crazy," but I'm really happy with how it turned out. As a result, here are a bajillion pictures, because that's how I roll: (Though, many didn't make the cut -- there were so many outtakes this morning, I think it was because we had company in the form of a man sitting in his car and staring -- fun times!)  

Photos by Sarah -- thanks!