Matchy matchy backdrop

What I wore: KMart sheer panelled top, thrifted velvet skirt, thrifted necklace, ASOS gladiator sandals, sainsburys flower hairclip - part of set.

Before husband jetted off for Australia last week (he's away 7 nights and OMG I forgot how draining solo parenting was!), he had two late morning starts.  Now I've heard bloggers rave about the magic hours of light and honestly the last hour before dusk has never been kind to me... BUT the early morning on the other hand.  HOLY MOLY batman it is magic.

Dropping the kids at daycare, and then having my photographer around and willing to be dragged to our local shopping centre in search of new backdrops was novel and wonderful.  He was patient and pliant and wow I think it paid off.  Nothing too special in the outfit but this waxing salon out the back of Takapuna was just an incredible spot to take a pic.

Hope you like them as much as me and that I haven't over built them!  All credit to my wonderful husband xo 

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