Liebster Award Nomination

Day 8 (noisy) and day 9 (killer heels) of the Fabruary style challenges were great and all but just not worth posting.  Instead I thought it was well, well past time to respond to Ange from Tall Short & Tiny's Liebster award nomination.

For those of you that don't know the Liebster Blog Award is for blogs with less than 200 followers; the idea is that if nominated, you answer your nominator’s five questions, then nominate five blogs of your own and ask five questions of them. You then link back to whoever nominated you (cool way of discovering new blogs!), and let your nominees know you’ve nominated them. So without further use of the word nominate, here are my answers to Ange's questions:

1. Are you better at keeping your own secrets, or those of others?
Sorry to all my friends, but I'm probably better at keeping my own - but I promise anything shared is usually with the best of intentions at heart.  I can't stop myself trying to help - whether it's wanted or not.
2. What’s one thing you’ll always save on, and one thing you’ll always splurge on?
Always save on clothes as anyone who reads my blog well knows and always splurge on toilet paper.  If it's not three ply, white, unscented then it has no place in my home.
3. What’s your favourite thing to eat on Christmas day?
Firstly this question gives away how long it must be since Ange nominated me!  Secondly, I don't really have a favourite for the day but we do have a firm family tradition going that we eat leftover trifle for Boxing Day breakfast (the non-alcholic type I must point out).
4. Do you go old-school and send Christmas cards, or do you embrace technology and send Christmas emails?
I'm all for technology!  In the days of growing facebook haters, I am proud to stand up and hail the rise of social media.  Having moved eight times in the past ten years I love that technology connects friends and family and allows us to keep everyone close - and it sure does save on international postage :)

5. If you could change your name, what would you like to be called?
So I know this isn't answering the question directly, but I actually like my name; apparently my mum wanted Kelly after one of the Charlies Angels actresses, and in gaelic it means warrior maiden which also seems quite apt (noting my past navy background).  I think if I did have to choose another it would be something strong and short - it's funny to think back that we could never agree on a girls name when we were starting our family!  Lucky we had two boys :)

Here are my five nominations:
I did tell you; I find Carolines writing style funny and am really enjoying following a blogger that lives just around the corner.
The best nest: Another local Auckland blogger, and this girl has STYLE. 
Bluebelle; I am very thankful to this lovely lady who got me interested in blogging six months back.
Just Ordinary Us Jess always has a lovely word to say and one day soon I hope to meet her (not to mention her favourite colour is also red so we must be kindred souls!), and last but not least
Bamboo Bear;  Holly is quirky, talented and just... fresh!

And finally my five questions for you all:
  1. What was the best gift you ever gave and why?
  2. What's the unfufilled dream that you're still aiming for?
  3. Please share one of your family traditions - just one of the strange or wonderful rituals that make our families fun and connected?  Eg: we always have hotdogs for lunch on saturdays... always!
  4. If I handed you a thousand dollars, with the proviso you had to spend it that day all on yourself what would you do?
  5. When you are gone, what is the one word that you want people to think when they think back on your life?
Some a little deep I know - blame either A) the moving and thought provoking novel or b) 1/2 bottle of wine I just finished :)