Hat + Curls

dress: ralph lauren via macy's // shoes: payless: hat: thrifted, CA // purse: thrifted, CA

Sadly, I'm still out with the flu, so this will have to be short and sweet. Here are some quick shots from last weekend, back when it was temporarily warm outside, and I didn't have a high fever -- those were the days! My hair was also doing this thing where it was curly but manageable; all-in-all, I really liked this look. Granted, my shoes have seen better days -- they were already falling apart, and suffered greatly during my recent trip to Vegas (the worst being when a sugary, alcoholic concoction nearly fell directly on them), but I love them too much to toss them. Especially mid-30-30-30; that would just be madness. 

And, because being sick has destroyed my ability to form comprehensible sentences, here are 5,000 pictures: