FABruary Day 23 - Layers

What I wore: Topshop silver dress, Gap black cardigan, Farmers polka dot tights and tassle necklace, No 1 shoe warehouse black pumps.

Would you believe I bought these tights from Farmers for $3 - as they only lasted one wear it seems you do in fact get what you pay for!  To be fair to the tights I am a hard wearer and the only ones that seem to last for me are opaques.  I've heard the tricks about clear nail polish to stop runs, etc but I just don't seem to be able to make stockings last.

Anyway I've been away for a very special long weekend, hence the serious lack of FABruary posts. We headed down as a family to Christchurch for my mum's wedding.  Of course I'm saving the wedding pics for Wednesday but until then you'll notice there was a bit of a yellow/black theme for my outfits!  This was day one - travelling day and layers turned out to be a great call with the ten degree colder weather in Christchurch.