FABruary Day 14 - Quiff

Ok it you've ever attempted a quiff (coiffe or however you want to spell it) with short hair and a fringe (or bangs), you'll sympathise with my frustration.  Here's the end result for FABruary's quiff style dare, please judge lightly!  With the amount of product I had to use to get it to stay through today's wind and rain it'll be a miracle if I can wash it out tonight :) 

The outfit however is another story - I love this thrifted wrap top and tailored black pants combo.  The pattern on the top looks like these kowhai flowers below (a beautiful native NZ tree) - husband and I had one of these as our wedding tree, planted afterwards as a symbol of our love.  This pic is of the first year's flowers.  It is NOT a banana pattern as my children claim.

Happy Valentives Day everyone xo.  Linking up today with Whatever Whenever, Transatlantic Blonde and The Pleated Poppy