FABruary Day 10 - Bright

What I wore: thrifted denim shorts, Matalan white t-shirt, charm bracelet and hat, Indeba pink drop earrings, Next snakeskin print sandals, thrifted two-tone neon yellow and pink scarf.

Bright is something I have never been afraid to do!  Ever since puberty I have used colour and clothes as expression, and except for a few tame years of navy service (where I toned things down considerably - a whole different post topic),  colour really makes me feel like me!  After FABruary's day seven challenge I think I might have to liberate a few more of my big earrings from the jewellery box too :)

Nothing spices up a boring white tee and denim shorts like a two-toned neon pink and yellow scarf don't you think.  Luckily it was already a bright sunny day so most people I met today had sunglasses on already.  Do you do bright colours?  Why are New Zealanders especially so afraid of standing out?  It's amazing how wearing colour boosts your confidence, and confidence inspires you to wear colour - quite a good circle really.

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