Wintery // Thrift hauls

hat: urban outfitters // scarf: thrifted, CA // jacket: thrifted, CA // necklace: old pursestring 

Sad news: my regular photog started a new full-time job today (we're talking real work, i.e., is no longer being paid solely in Arizmendi scones to take my picture), and is now unavailable to indulge my blogging on the regular. (This is technically not sad news, since obviously two paychecks are generally better than one.) 

Until I work something else out, posts will probably look little different for awhile. To wit, here are some snapshots of today's cold, gray day. I wore a bunch of neutrals (navy, white, army green, brown) threw on some of my favorite colors for contrast (mustard, maroon, gold) and topped it off with leather (belt, boots). That, my friends, is what winter is all about.

stripes: banana republic via thrift, CA // belt: thrifted VT // jacket: thrifted, CA // skirt: thrifted, CA

boots: steve madden via macy's

I recently cleaned out my closet and tried my best to be ruthless -- I've already donated one bag, and I brought another to Goodwill today (I have four bags of clothes to sell, but that's an adventure for another time). True to form, I couldn't leave without doing a quick once-over of the place, and ended up with two beauties: a grandma-esque purse and the softest blue/gray Coach belt (only three dollars!). 

Given that we are moving soon, I'm trying my best to enforce a "don't buy it unless you love it" rule (see also: my new year's resolution), but I think these two were destined to come home with me, no matter what. Never look a thrift gift horse in the mouth -- that's my motto. What's your greatest thrift find of late?