Wind + hat

hat, shirt, necklace, belt, skirt, shoes: thrifted, CA // tights: macy's // wallet: target

Yikes -- it's been a little quiet here lately, team! Sorry about that. And, in the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that wore this last week and it was actually outfit number three of this thirty, not two. Don't be mad! Between adjusting to my camera-man's new schedule and my trip this weekend, I'm afraid I've fallen way, way behind (in documenting my outfits -- not in getting dressed. Don't worry -- Vegas wasn't that crazy).

I generally to shy away from completely thrifted outfits, but I'd like to think this one looks pretty put together. I find it's pretty hard to go wrong with a striped shirt; it's one of my go-to pieces on days when I just can't figure out what to wear. Unfortunately, it was not the day to sport a flouncy skirt and big hat -- the wind was brutal and I'm actually amazed we ended up with any usable shots! 

As for the hat: I don't wear them regularly, though I've recently somehow amassed an impressive collection. I'm trying to make my way through them as I determine which ones are worth shipping to the East coast and which ones are headed (back) to Goodwill. I must say, even though I felt silly in it, I think this one's a keeper. Yay or nay?

Photos by the lovely Sarah