To Look beautiful and Natural

 Look Beautiful and Stunning;

Today peoples wondered how can we look stunning without trying to be older than we really are? 
Want to look beautiful and natural, without using too many bad chemicals for your skin? 
Here we`ll show you and guide you, how to look beautiful as a teenager.
Don't use a lot of make-up, and remember a smaller amount of make-up is better rather than hide your face to put a lot of make up. Use a bit make up just to touch your skin and colourise it. Here we`ll guide you how to take care of your skin and body to look beautiful.

Tips for Looking Beautiful and natural;

1_ Take care of your face twice or thrice in a day; (Morning and Evening). 
One of the best attractive features a person can have is clean skin. Most younger boys and girls have some pimples because of hormones which create excess sebum. Some people prefer to using plain soap such as ivory. Use a clean, fresh soap every time. Always wear sunscreen (oil-free) to avoid sun irritating your face. Avoid injuring, scratching and pumping pimples to remove oil and black-heads. And taking vitamins is not only help you maintain your skin clean. Consult your doctor every time if you have problem with your face.

2_ Have clean hairs; 
Use a hair care routine that suits your hair type. Some people use to wash their hair daily, some people three or four times a week. Use a exact shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair, and stick to it. Take advantage of your natural attributes, if your hair is wavy, choose a haircut that suits wavy hair. Ask your hair stylist to help you pick a style that suits your face shape. You can straighten your hair if you want to though. Some days curl your hair to look more stunning than before.

3_ Take good care of your teeth; 
Brush twice in a day, Morning and Night. 

4_ Stay hydrated,Drinking; 
Drink at least 2 liters of water per day (approx. 8 glasses) and eat those fruits and vegetables that contain a good amount of water in them. The water will keep your skin fresh and your eyes bright.

5_ Emphasize the part of your body you feel most confident about;
Wear the dresses you love the most and feels most comfortable in.

6_ Be naturual.

7_ Try coloring your hair.

8_ Paint your nails.

9_ Have a positive attitude; 
Walk confidently and smile.

10_ Smell good; 
Use a perfume that suits you, spray a little on your wrists and neck, and wear it often.

11_ Shave or wax;
Do this normally after a shower, the hair is easier to remove then.

12_ Wear jewelery;
Rings, necklaces, sunglasses, anklets and bracelets can look great if chosen to suit your personality and your outfit. If you do not have your ears pierced but want the look, you can buy earrings that clip on your earlobe.

13_ Re-invent your wardrobe; 
Choose clothes that express your personality.

14_ Be yourself and feel great; 
Remember you are always beautiful, When you feel beautiful you look beautiful.
Smile always and Laugh louder to feel the joy inside and touches your soul too.

Beautiful, Stunning and Natural Girls Pictures;

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