Take 5 - Striped Blazer

Thrift shopping is like an art form - it's tricky to find on trend pieces exactly when you want them, or pieces that fit in with the image that you may have had in mind.  Anyway I always have lots of comments when I wear this jacket but for some reason, despite the seemingly neutral colouring, I find it difficult to style - perfect piece obviously for a Take 5 Challenge.

# 1 - striped blazer with mini skirt

# 2 - striped blazer and pattern mixing (Shanton aztec scarf, demi curve levi jean, Overland red heels)

# 3 - striped blazer and long dress (thrifted black asymetric dress, metallic coin necklace, No. 1 Shoe Warehouse stilletos)

# 4 - striped blazer with coloured denim (spotted singlet, red beads, Warehouse red jeggings, black leather riding boots)

# 5 - striped blazer goes to the beach (thrifted shorts, dotti singlet and silver jandals, turqouise beads)
I know it all gets a bit silly at the end - but that's a summary of summer in NZ.  It's hot, it's humid and pretty much we're all going a bit crazy with the warm weather and long days off work!!!  Thanks to my guest photographer visiting from Wellington - thankfully we're all getting over our plague so feeling like blogging again, but sometimes it takes fresh eyes to spur the blogger in me to action! xo
Now I'm over the plague - linking up again to the wonderful Rolled up Pretty, Pleated Poppy, Transatlantic Blonde and Wardrobe Wednesday.