Sorry For Hurting you poem

I'm really really Heartly Sorry For Hurting You Meri Jaan:'(
Like The Way I Do Love y0u,
I'm Sorry For The Hurtful Things, 
I Always Give You Pain And Sorrow More Than Happiness :'(

I Am So Bad, I Am Shame On Myself That How Can I Make You Feel Like 

I Don`t Want Ew..When I Really Want :'(

Trust On Me Meri Jaan I Really Need You , Truely Want Ew in My Life :'(
Its Better To Kill Myself
Rather Than Living Without Ew :'(
I'd Like 2 Say I'm Sorry For Everything I Put You Through.
It kills Me When I Hurt You,
It Scares Me ToO
I Always Make You Cry 

It Kills Me When You Do As I Write This Now,
I Know This Much Is True I Love You With All My Heart 
Will Always Be With You..
Sorry For Hurting Ew Meri Jaan .. 
Pls Forgive Me.. 
I`m Totally Lost 
Br0ken Without Your Love </3