Office LBD

dress: gap // button-down: urban outfitters // necklace: f21 // tights: gap // boots: gap via thrift, CA // coat: h&m 

I know I'm a New Englander and everything, but it's been kind of cold lately? Or maybe I have just totally lost my tolerance for winter -- which will work out great, since I'm moving to Maine in February. It's also been surprisingly dry, which has made my hair... interesting (read: horrible). Given all those factors, plus the fact that I threw this on yesterday morning after a weekend in Vegas, I think this is actually a pretty good look. That's the great thing about black dresses -- throw 'em on over whatever and you almost always have a wearable outfit (I guess this is why all those magazines always told me to buy an LBD, huh?). Since I was working in the office, I figured I'd aim for "young professional" and not "really tired from dancing and drinking all weekend." How'd I do?

Photos by the lovely Sarah