Moss > Navy

scarf: thrifted, MA // sweater: thrifted, CA // dress: urban outfitters // socks: h&m, old // boots: steve madden // heart necklace: ? // stone necklace: f21 // belt: thrifted, VT // bag:, urban outfitters

After staring at my 30-30-30 picks for about 45 minutes and bemoaning the fact that over 50 percent of them are navy (well... no, but it feels like it), I made a hard decision: I swapped out my (thus far, unworn) navy cardigan for this moss one. Yes, it's sort of similar to the yellow one, and yes, I do in fact have another cardigan in almost the exact same color (currently sitting in the closed-off section of my closet, calling to me, just like the rest of my other clothes), but... sometimes, you have to listen to your heart when [a cardigan] is calling for you. 

I wore this to my niece's birthday party today, who just turned two years old. And, if you ask her how old she is, she will say: "twoooooooooooooooooooooooooo," which is the best. She's also added "story," "please," "thank you" and, my personal favorite, "Shh-ah" (for Sarah, my other niece) to her vocabulary. Toddlers! So good. Also, can we talk about how long and curly my hair is getting? Aw yiss. Today is a good day.