Heaven on Earth Beautiful

Most Beautiful Places in the world;

The world is too big from the thinking of man's mind.
We haven`t set the thoughts what we can do or what we will do.
Beauty of earth haven`t seen but we can imagine,
But the idea here is why we cannot seen the beauty in earth,
We can seen it or we can feel it too.

Beauty on earth is eternity,it will never vanish.
Nature is the pure beauty and when we see the nature`s beauty,
we can feel it like it is the Heaven, and to be honest this is the
Earth Heaven which we discover as a gift from the GOD.

Water falling from the mountains looks so joyable,
water is the only once and forever beauty which is so enjoyable for us.
Mountains have the benefits to make our eyes restless when we seen thier beauty too.

Enjoy the beauty and take it or feel it till the last day of the earth.

Beautiful Places in the Earth..

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