Bella Swan and Jacob Black pictures from Twilight

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Bella actually knows that she's in love with Jake until the end of Eclipse. Even in New Moon, she always talked to him as if he was a brother, not an actual boyfriend. She think finally realizes that she actually cares for him when he's about to go off to fight Victoria and the newborn vamps.
She calls him a "family friend" in Twilight, and never really changed that. But Jake's kinda mean, because he used Bella's innocence against her. He made her beg for him to kiss her. Before the fight in Eclipse.

He's too "territorial" and it sounds like even if Bella showed the teeniest speck of interest, he'd use it to drive the Cullens out of Forks. Edward's definitely right for Bella, because he loves her so much that he wants her to be happy, and not necessarily with him...

So, Bella isn't affected by being away from Jake, besides a family type of worry, even thought Jake really misses her.

Bella has some Love for Jack and Jacob also Love Bella very much. We here gathered some of the pictures of Bella and Jacob...Hope so guys you`ll like it.

Pictures ov Bella and Jacob,Cutest friends or Lovers..