Bella Swan and Edward Cullen Wallpapers

I Love You, Not Only For What You Are,
For What I am When I am With You.

Bella, Don`t` you dare, every time you worrying about me,
Your only Concern is keeping Yourself Safe
Please please trying not to be Reckless.

Pure Love..
If I could reach up and hold a Star,
For every time you made me Smile,
I would have to be whole Night Sky 
in the Palm of my Hand.

You and you Alone make me feel that I`m Alive.
Some said, 'have you seen Angels',
I say Bella, "you are the only Angel I ever seen in my Dreams,
through my Eyes, Bella you made for Me, and I made for You.
Brought me in your Arms and I shall seeing the Beauty of  you,
Beauty which is inside in You, Allow me to touch your Soul.

 "Bella Swan & Edward Cullen"
The most Romantic and sweet couple.

                          I Love You, Not Only For What You Are,
                            For What I am When I am With You.

This Romantic night brings you to me.
Today I will feel you inside in my Soul,
Today I will touch you inside through my Soul,
Today and just today I will Love you inside Deeply,
To just make you mine Ever and Forver.

Sweet Memory of  "Bella Swan & Edward Cullen"

The Greatest pain that comes from Love is
Loving someone you can never have.

Edward, My night has become a sunny dawn because of you Bella.

In a Rain,when I take you in my Arms,
I feel like this all weather comes just because of you.

When I touch your Lips,I touch your Soul,
I feel like i`m inside in You,
I don`t care what will happen After kiss,
I just care that I want my whole life just to Kiss You
Just to feel your Sweetness and Love you deeply.

Bella make my World a Better place,
Where I just Love you and you Love me.
Peaceful and Romantic place.

In dreams and in Love there are
No Impossibilities.

Bella I will safe you from every danger,
I will protect you always.

Look after my heart Bella,
I left it with you.
"You are my Life now"

I know what you are Edward.
You`re impossibly fast and strong.
Your skin is pale white and ice cold.
Your eyes change colour and you never eat or come out into the sun.
But knowing these all facts,
I will Love you still and forever.
My Love will never change for you.

Vampire Wallpaper of  "Bella Swan & Edward Cullen"

Most Romantic scene of  "Bella Swan & Edward Cullen"

Lovely Scene of  "Bella Swan & Edward Cullen"

Bella will you become my Soul mate,
Will you become to part of my Life,
I will Love you always and will protect you from any Danger.
You are my Life and 
It`s just you and me
It`s just one heart.
It`s just one Love.
It`s just one couple.
"Bella Swan & Edward Cullen"