Barry Manilow, the showman of our time

gray t: gap, old // skinnies: ambiance // cardigan: gap via thrift, CA // shoes: thrifted, CO // earrings: ?? // scarf: thrifted, CA // bag: thrifted, CA // earrings: h&m, old

Up until about a year ago, this was my go-to uniform (minus the giant bag). Whether I was off to work, out with friends, or running errands, I could almost always be found in some iteration of this look. Today, I wore it for what I think is its true purpose -- a harried run to the grocery store before hopping on the couch to (re)read "Perfect Fifths," the final installment of my absolute favorite teen lit guilty pleasure, the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty. I don't want to hear any literary snobbery -- don't pretend you haven't read them. Or, if you really haven't, I guess the title of this post will make significantly less sense, unless you're a big Barry Manilow fan? Either way -- you're welcome.  

If I had any doubts about swapping in this cardigan for my navy one, they've been assuaged after today. Two moss cardigan outfits, in a row? Hold on to your hats -- we're just getting started.