Apple mobile phone

IpHoNe 4S

A5 dual-core chip.
Developer; Apple Inc.
Manufacturer; Foxconn.
Operating system; iOS 5.1.1 and icloud.
Battery; Built-in rechargeable li-ion.
CPU; ARM Cortex-A8.
Storage capacity; 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB.
Audio; Single loudspeaker.
Input; Multi-touch touchscreen display.
Dual microphone.
Camera; isight 8 megapixels and optical art.

A5 dual-core chip 
iPhone 4S has most powerful processor.
It has two cores, the chip A5 offers up to twice the power and graphics up to seven times faster than any new mobile set. The iPhone 4S is fast and responsive. chip A5 is so energy efficient than the iPhone 4S has a long battery life. And because of the chip A5 you can do whatever you want,like start uo apps, browse the Web, play games or other activities.

The iPhone 4S is great for games. A5 chip multiplied by the seven-speed graphics. So, the games get even more fluidity and looks good to eyes. And the sophisticated graphics apps to respond even better. Iphone 4s is really good for entertainment.

The A5 dual-core chip offers up to twice the power as even we can`t think about it and makes the iPhone 4S more responsive. The web pages load faster and the games are more fluid and smooth. Everything seems brighter in 4S.
The battery life guaranteed by chip A5 and iOS 5. They offer you very well energy-savings,you can use it iphone 4S as long as you can. You can make phone calls, check e-mails, surf the Web and playing games.

Iphone 4S has a fabulous Camera

The iSight camera is probably the best camera ever seen on a phone and iphone 4s does have this camera. And with its optical art. For behind each of your shots, there will be a resolution of 8 megapixels and a new lens with a larger opening at frequency of 2.4. A better backside illumination sensor, excellent auto white balance, a remarkable color accuracy, the face detection and reduction of blur caused by movement. Thus, whatever the light intensity, the number of people and type of action photographed, the colors will be perfectly true to life. Camera used in 4S is perfectly amazing and don`t need have a digital camera when you have iphone 4S.

8 megapixel and Retouch;
The iSight camera offers a resolution of 8 megapixels. And each pixel has been designed with a capacity of higher saturation. More megapixels and more light, you will see a dramatic difference in resolution and in of your images.Edit photos on your iPhone 4s, without the need of a photo editing software. You can crop and rotate photos, apply effects on your picture and improve the picture on your way, and even more remove red eye.

Iphone 4S has a great HD Video recording
Thanks to optical art which is used in 4S, it works perfectly great in phone, the light is always perfect, the colors still bright and everything is even better than your memories.

HD video and Retouch;
Capturing video with 1080p HD at 30 frames per second is acceptable and stunning. The backside sensor and advanced opening let in more light. Much Improved the automatic white balance which makes the colors more accurate and beautiful. Video stabilizer works really good in 4s, it removes unwanted movement caused by unsafe hands. In iPhone 4S we can make movies as we want to make,capture HD videos in a very simple way. Simply select the points of beginning and ending of a movie to fit your plans. Create a small film with iMovie themes, give titles, make transitions and soundtracks which is made by Apple itself.

Operating system, "IOS".
The world`s advance operating system and also the simplest.
IOS is very simple to upgrade thats why it has years ahead of everything else. IOS 5 takes another leap forward, bringing over 200 new features to the iPhone 4S. 

Features of Ios;
Ios works really smooth in iphone 4S. It has a lot of features inside in it.
Here are some few of favorites features;

-Center notifications, -IMessage, 
-Integrated Twitter, -Reminders, -Photos, 
-Improvements Camera, -Kiosk, -Safari, 
-Without PC.

icloud. Save your content in your device
icloud is very easy to manage your content. icloud stores your music, photos, apps, emails, calendars, documents and much much more, and pushes wireless to all devices. It's automatic, effortless and transparent. It works great and it's all in 4S.

Photo feeds and Documents in icloud;
Photo feeds, if you take a picture with a camera iOS, it automatically appears on all your other devices, including your Mac or PC. icloud can automatically update your presentations, reports and other documents on all your devices. Each update is automatically transposed into the icloud.

Retina display. 

What the man can see clearer, more efficient on your iPhone 4S, it will give everything. The Retina display screen is the highest resolution ever seen on a phone. The pixel density is so high that the human eye can see small pixels. But you will not fail to notice the sharpness of text, graphics and precision of the power of images. This is more remarkable than the printed page.

Nothing beats a face-to-head.

FaceTime lets you hear a voice and see the face that goes with it. From iPhone to iPhone. FaceTime make a call is as simple as making a phone call. Touch the name of the person you want to see. And start seeing the person and talks.

More over 500,000 apps. 

Browse the App. Store and discover hundreds of thousands of additional apps, classified by category, including many free apps. The more you download apps on your iPhone, more capabilities you get. Every time you visit the App. Store get a profit to have a world of possibilities.
Games,wallpapers,movies,and many others.

Global networking and connectivity.

Faster and more efficient than ever.
The iPhone 4S is the first smart phone to switch from one antenna to another to transmit and receive. The call quality is much improved. It will even double the speeds of data transfer. Everything is faster; connections, loading, and downloads. The iPhone 4S is a world class phone so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Iphone 4S is a phone for world.

Apple disigned a phone like you never ever seen it. It has everything inside it what the peoples demands. You can take photos and merge it,you can capture videos and make it film. Apps. downloaded freely from a App. store. This phone works great and have a good market. Networking and connections are perfect, faster and easy to use. Chat with a facetime so can see the face of friends now. Playing games and check emails quickly. Iphone 4s works and it is a good phone to use.

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