A brighter day

jacket: banana republic, gift (thanks, ma!) // turtleneck: f21 // skirt: thrifted, CA // booties: thrifted, CA // bag: urban outfitters // scarf: thrifted, CA // hat: urban outfitters // belt: f21

Ugh, team -- I've been waylaid with the flu, and just looking at these pictures makes my head hurt and fills me with questions: Why was it so bright out when we took these? (Because it was noon on a sunny day.) How did I ever manage to wear anything other than pajamas? (Because, at some point not that long ago, I didn't have a temperature of 101.) Will I ever be able to get out of bed? (Yes... right? Like, I won't just have the flu forever... right? Right?)

As you can probably tell, I'm a little delusional today. Time to wrap this up and get back to watching Suburgatory on Hulu... which has less to do with the fact that I'm sick, and more to do with my (already well documented) love for a good teen drama/comedy, if I'm being honest. 

And, please excuse my wrinkly skirt! I know I can't really logically blame that on being sick, but... that's what I'm going to do, anyways. Having the flu is the worst! Fever, sore throat, wrinkled pencil skirts...