Trying Out - Batwings

I think I threw out my last batwing top sometime in the early 90's, but bloggers you have inspired me to give them another go!  I also found a lovely knit tangerine version (see here) that I can't wait to layer with merino next autumn/winter so OMG I now have two of these silly shapes.

Of course with the batwing it's critical to balance all that extra shapeless fabric with something slimming on the bottom - I think the other secret is to spend the majority of the day with your hands on hips so as to show you do actually have some arm definitition!  Because the shape of the top completely obliterates your middle (for some of us that's a good thing) try to find other slim places to accentuate such as your wrists, legs, ankles, collarbones.  Many people find flaws with their middles, but suprisingly few of us celebrate these beautfil slim regions on ourselves.

Less seriously I am loving this crazy print - much to your surprise (and mine) this top is from the chain store Supre (but thrifted by me for $2 of course).  Many NZ women I talk to write off Supre as a teenybopper-loud music-cheap-fabric-poor-quality store.  Whilst I won't disagree completely, in my experience they do make some pretty good quality basic staples like plain t-shirts, tanks and work out gear (good fit, wash well and high elastacity so they won't stretch out of shape quickly).  Although this print is pretty crazy I dig it and can't wait to find that perfect neon statement necklace out there to go with it!  Loving the neon jellies ladies...

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