Slip Slop Slap in Style

Most Australians and Kiwi's know Slip Slop Slap as the iconic sun safe message that has been accompanied most recently by a talking tiger prawn.  I think there are lots of ways to do this while staying stylish - so here's my top four tips.

(Although how I could make sunscreen fashionable I admit is beyond me.. make it smell better perhaps?) 

What I wore: Matalan straw hat, Ralph Lauren glasses, Matalan yellow t-shirt, thrifted waistcoat, Glassons black maxi dress (thrifted), ASOS black and hessian gladiator sandals.

Tip 1 # - Slap.  Try to find a hat that works for you.  It mustn't fly off in a stiff afternoon sea breeze, must be the right colour to suit all your wonderful summer outfits and frame your face (hence this neutral favourite), and most importantly in a fabric that keeps you cool and well protected from the sun.  I love my straw/paper hat from Matalan (as you'll note from posts here, here and here) - the all round brim protects my ears/neck/face without making me feel like a cowboy!

Tip 2 # - Slip.  As tempting as it might be to parade around in your bikini all day (as if!), remember to cover up.  So often you see kids with full body rashsuits and we neglect ourselves as parents.  To avoid sun damage in those hard to reach places, without having to ask strangers to rub cream on you (side note: which I did do yesterday!) just slip a loose top on.

Tip # 3 - WRAP.  The sun smart campaign most recently added wrap to their mantra - with the strength of our UV rays it's really important for everyone to wear good quality sunglasses to protect their eyes (and prevent headaches).  Additionally you'll avoid horrible squinty eye photos and look suitability glamorous!  I love my Ralph Lauren tortoiseshell glasses - with my principle being the more expensive the glasses, the better you look after them.

Tip # 4 - Shade.  As tempting as it's been to enjoy every second of sun since we came home from the UK four months ago, I know that 11am - 2pm in NZ is the most dangerous time to be outside.  I love finding ways to have some quiet time in the middle of the day, whether it be under the tree picnics, quiet reading or playing forts!  Of course I would rather be napping but with two pre-schoolers I can only dream of the day.

Hope all of you enjoying Summer days are staying stylish and sun smart too :)