Real world cabin chic

shoes: thrifted, CA // skinnies: forever 21 // stripes: banana republic // fisherman's sweater: forever 21 // scarf: thrifted, CA //
necklace: old purse chain // bag: thrifted, Maine

It's been quiet on this here blog these past few days -- I got back last night from Buffyfest 2012, a wonderful yearly tradition involving dear friends, a cabin in the woods, a fireplace, a ton of food and drinks, and a simple challenge: how many 45-minute episodes can actually be watched in 3 days? The answer is usually somewhere between 15 and 20, but this year we took some un/expected breaks (expected: the decision to watch Cabin In The Woods; unexpected: dealing with a backed-up septic system).

I wore a lot of what I like to call "cabin chic," meaning big comfy sweaters, leggings and no make-up (I also had grand intentions of snapping some shots, which did not materialize and/or came out crazy-banana-pants). So, while I may be back from my mini-vacation, the aesthetic lives on in this little autumnal ensemble.

Note to self: consider lipstick. Or lipgloss. Or chapstick. Really, anything to ensure that lips don't just blend into cheeks. While we're at it, consider a haircut, for realz this time. Related: I have... totally forgotten how to pose. Enjoy!