Monochrome sea foam

sweater: thrifted, CA // skirt: jcrew via thrift, CA // tights: macy's // shoes: urban outfitters megasale, 2010 // necklace: f21

So, I really, really didn't think I had any green articles of clothing. In fact, during a green-themed work outfit challenge last week, I struggled to find anything that was green and wearable (or maybe, anything that was green and I felt like wearing it) -- and yet today, here we are. This was actually for another outfit challenge (what, we just all like clothes?), and to tackle monochromatic, I realized my options were basically black, navy, or green -- specifically, a bazillion sea foam green pieces. Bazillion is not an exaggeration: two shirts, three skirts, two sweaters, pants, shoes... that adds up to bazillion, right? Right.

On the way home from work, dear friend/photographer Sarah and I stopped at Salvation Army, since she was craving a(nother) wrap skirt and I was lusting after Kendi's pink pencil skirt (see: this 30-30-30). I got some goodies which will be unveiled soon -- but more importantly, I promise that I did not buy this fringed, shiny delight. You're welcome, world!