Me and Julio, down by the school yard

fisherman's sweater, chambray: f21 // shorts: f21 via goodwill // tights: h&m // loafers: thrifted, CO //
necklace: old purse string? yep, that's right // backpack: gift from Italy (thanks, mom!)

Maybe it's because my whole look is reminiscent of a child's uniform, or maybe it's because backpacks make me think of school--but I've had this little number stuck in my head all day. While we're on the subject of backpacks (specifically mini-backpacks), in the interest of full disclosure I should probably tell you now that I rocked me some on the regular, back in fifth-through-eight grade. There was a time when I looked back on those days with fashion-regret, but now I am just filled with longing. Black mini-backpack with colorful flowers embroidered on you, where have you gone? I would wear you so hard, if only I could find you in the abyss that is my parent's attic.

If you're wondering to yourself, "wow, I thought her hair was too short to do that," you're right -- it is. It's held up by about 10,000 bobby pins, magic and wishful thinking. Mainly the pins, though, if we're being honest.