Getting too serious

I have definitely been guilty of taking myself to seriously, especially when it comes to work wear.  But when I found this lovely floaty dress at my local thrift shop I couldn't go past the polka dots.  The dress is actually a lovely structured shape, but with a floaty layer over top.  Perfect for work and creating a flattering hourglass shape, perfect to wear with my Dorothy red slingbacks and red belt, and perfect for the very hot and humid weather this week.

In answer to Miriam from Wardrobe Wednesdays question today, I do take myself a bit too seriously when choosing outfits - especially struggling with the matchy matchy syndrome.  That said I've learnt that my clothes are about making me happy, and if I want to choose carefully then what does it matter.

I promise to post some fun holiday silliness posts in the next month - can't wait for everyone to be on summer holidays so I have some more time to take pics and plan outfits!

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