Favorite vintage

dress: vintage via goodwill // teal slip (under): from a f21 dress // boots: h&m // belt: thrifted, CA //
bracelets: some cute little store in Iowa // bag: thrifted, VT

It might be a little early in this blog's history to be making such declarative statements, but I think this dress is my favorite vintage piece in my closet. I got it about three years ago and was a little thrown by it at first; it's short and more or less see-through, and I'm pretty sure it might actually be a nightgown. But I love it in spite -- or rather, because -- of these sometimes challenging attributes (that's how you know it's real love, folks).

These boots are a recent addition to my wardrobe, and I love 'em, too. They're currently only $15 at h&m, so walk--nay, run! over to your nearest location, so we can be matching besties. Aren't they perfect?