Boots, meet blog

boots: steve madden via macy's // skinnies: ambiance // chambray: f21 // sweater: h&m // necklace: ? // circle scarf: h&m via goodwill

Some important letters to the B's in this outfit:
Dear Boots,
I hope you like having your picture taken, because I'm about to make you a star! Don't worry that you're a little scuffed up and worn around the edges -- that's just part of your charm. Remember that time I had to take you to the cobblers and they held you hostage for an extra 3 days? That was the worst. Thanks for being the best.

Dear Blog,
It's time you meet someonething special in my life -- my brown leather boots. Yes, every blogger worth her salt owns a pair, and yes, they are a few seasons old, but let's be real -- they are glorious. I just know we are all going to be fast friends.

Dear Belt,
We need to talk -- you are falling apart. Literally. I know you're the perfect color to match Boots, and I know you're the perfect width for belting over shirts, but... I think we both know that your time has come. It's not you -- it's me. Actually, scratch that, it is you. Keep it real though, Belt. Keep it real.

Dear Bangs,
I am so annoyed, I can't even look at you right now. Please, please -- pull it together. We are in public.

Oh, what? You don't write letters to inanimate objects?