What I Wore to a Concert

Mumford and Sons were so great live.  We went along this weekend with a couple of friends, and had seated tickets and a fantastic view.  The acoustics in the Vector Arena are so great that the sound is equally as awesome everywhere, but as a little 162cm lady it's nice to be able to see too.  Here's what I wore;


I wore: Dotti Olive military jacket, Tesco suede booties, Phase Eight patterned top, River Island dark jeans.

Of course the question for all fashionable ladies, for any concert, indoor/outdoor or festival, is what to wear...?

Here's my top tips for concert outfits:
  1. Comfort: start with a short/medium skirt or dress, or jeans and accessorise from there - comfort is king (as this year's UK festival fashion demonstrates)
  2. Versace: leave it at home.  Only wear things that you won't mind being pulled, spilt on, dirtied, etc.  White anything is probably not a good idea.
  3. Temperature: Think about the temperature before, during and after - layers may seem sensible but they can be much more annoying than a jacket you can coat check, or a top you can tie around your waist.  Similarly try to wear fabrics that quick dry - a top soaked from dancing up a storm, will quickly chill you to the bone in the night air.
  4. Shoes: Choose comfortable shoes - even with seated tickets there is loads of walking, standing and probably dancing. The boots I wore have little heels but are still comfortable for a whole night on my feet (I prefer to wear some heel to concerts as it helps me see a bit more).
  5. Colour: Wear something colourful - I can't count the number of times I've been separated from hubby (even in the supermarket) and a bright coloured top (or scarf) has saved me (except in the Warehouse where my penchant for red always has me mistaken for staff).
  6. Pockets: DO NOT take a bag.  If it doesn't fit in your pocket, or stuffed in your bra, you do not need it.  Important message to those annoying teenage girls - we do not love it when you flounce around with little backpacks that hit us in the face!
  7. Stand-out: I don't go out anywhere that much these days, so when I do, I love the chance to dress up.  Why not wear something a little tight, wild or risky!  Dress like the person you want to be.
Have you any more concert outfit tips to share???  PS. I've just realised that I photographed the wrong necklace to go with the outfit - did you spot it :)