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Thrifted dress & belt, LuLus Pocketry Brown Vegan Leather Jacket (Black) c/o, Steve Madden booties

 When thrifting, I try not to look at tags because size & brand shouldn't matter. Items have stretched and shrunk, and my closet contains a whole range of sizes...I'll even admit to owning some maternity dresses. (Just because I'm not pregnant doesn't mean I don't want to wear an oversized sack on my bloated days.)

It took me years to stop thrifting like a teenager and start buying brands that can't be found in the mall or this decade. Years ago I'd never have picked up this vintage dress after looking at the tag, but today if someone asked who I'm wearing I'd proudly say, " and Karen Tepper" in my most mysterious voice... quickly followed by, "Who are you and why are you asking who I'm wearing?"