Love You Just The Way You Are

When you touched my hand for the first time,
It was a feeling that can be said as divine,
My heart was waiting for this to happen ever,
I wanted nothing more than to hold it forever..</3
I Love You..</3

I think of you all night and day,
And every moment I wanna say,
Your love feels so pure and true,
And that my heart beats for you..</3
I Love You..</3

So Close to me..;
Whenever I hold you so close to me,
It warms my heart even in cold rain,
Seems like your arms are my destiny,
Because I fall for you over and over again..</3
I Love You..</3

I Miss You So Much..;
I wish I could hold you close and,
Say how much I've always loved you,
Instead of just standing here and,
Thinking about how much I miss you..</3
I Love You..</3

It's a good feeling when someone you Love,
Loves You Just The Way You Are..</3