London 2012 Olympics China's Ye Shiwen Set World Record

16 Year-Old, China's Teenager Ye Shiwen Set the world Record.;

Swimming is full of amazing acts of self-propulsion, but in London, 2012 Olympics swimming competition, there were only three truly incredible performances, all by teenage girls. One was a 15-year-old from Lithuania. One was a 17-year-old from Colorado. And one was a 16-year-old from China.
The morning after the night before there was only one name on everybody's lips. It was not Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps. In fact it was exactly the same person those two had been talking about themselves: "Ye Shiwen". The 16-year-old Chinese Girl, born and raised in Hangzhou in the coast of China, became the first swimmer to break a world record in 2012 London Olympics when she knocked out more competent and more talentable swimmers Like Steph Rice, She got gold in Beijing in 2008. And Rice had the advantage of swimming in a polyurethane suit. It was not just Ye's speed, or her age, It was her hard work and staggering, it was the manner of her victory.

Some pictures of 16 Year-Old Ye Shiwen,;