Loafing Around




Lush blazer, Gap jeans, Banana Republic top, Thrifted bag, Wanted gold loafers (similar, on sale!)

Our ritual on Thanksgiving is a heated game of Pictionary. My family gets pretty competitive with games, and let's just say I'd be scared to be on my own team. This year included many thrown pens, me yelling at Kevin for not knowing what 'pigeon toed' is, this hilarious drawing my mom did of a blow dryer that had all of our minds in the gutter, and of course my bratty victory lap dancing around the kitchen after winning.

The days after Thanksgiving are spent in a lazy, potato-induced haze. I feel like I still have hot toddy running through my veins, and the most exercise I've had in the past 4 days is reaching for my wallet from the couch while shopping online (and to be honest, I asked Kevin to hand it to me).