How to adopt the look of James Bond

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise, Relaxnews invited the stylist Andre Austin to decipher the influence of 007 in the world of fashion and explain how to recreate the current style of Daniel Craig. Sean Connery, obviously
When asked to nominate the greatest influence outcome of the Bond films, Austin Andre does not hesitate a second: it means Sean Connery for her outfits of the 60s. ”The classic sophistication, Sean Connery set the bar very high. I think he set the tone in terms of fashion for the modern man, “said Andre Austin Relax news . ”I thought about the great secret of James Bond look … and the key word is preparation: nothing beats a sharp suit. Whether the measure signed Ralph Lauren or a special creation of Tom Ford, the essence lies in the cup. ”
“What look like Bond in no time”
If Ford is the one who created the style qu’arborera Sky fall Daniel Craig , it’s Anthony Sinclair who is behind the famous cup Conduit Cut, made famous by Sean Connery in the first James Bond films. The gentlemen who want to recreate the style Bond can make an appointment to get one of those famous suits. The designer , however, assures U.S. it is not necessary to visit the country of origin for s Bond to dress like him. ”[...] In stores such as H. Herzfeld, Rothman’s in New York and chains such as Brooks Brothers, you will find what look like Bond in no time, “says Andre Austin, adding that it is easy to reproduce in a few steps classical styles seen in movies like Dr. No, Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever. ”For a modern day James Bond, I would see different fabrics / textures and patterns. I like the idea of adding leather sleeves / back / back, “he says.”side grounds, I see sets shirts and ties mixing patterns tartan, paisley, pea – a very modern approach of masculine style. “