Haven't met a red I didn't like

I know that certain reds suit certain skin tones better, but to be honest I don't think I've ever met a red I didn't like (I know, wine included).  I own these coloured tights in both tomatoe red and this deeper red and they are both so versatile (especially for chilly spring mornings).  If anyone can tell me which red suits my colouring better I'd be very grateful...

Unfortunately these pics were taken at the end of the day, and I've clearly suffered some red lipstick wear, but it's true what they say, red lippie does make you smile all day long. 
I wore this outfit two ways today; the sensible work attire and the after work home look.  I just love these two merino tops (merino wool being the best fabric since... well ever); the deep v-neck top is the perfect layering piece, whilst this recently thrifted Tea and Toast tunic is just so funky and warm (love getting a designer piece for under $5!).

I know after saying I never wear these boots, I really am giving them a revival.  Perhaps all they needed was one day out of the wardrobe to live again!  Linking up today with Thrifter Thursday and Thrift and Shout.