Fashion Flashback - Birthday Stripes




Thrifted sweatshirt (similar), Gap jeans, Aldo oxfords, Fossil bag & watch (similar)

That's little me celebrating my birthday, intensely watching my mom cut the cake. I remember how exciting birthdays used to be - I'd lose sleep the night before thinking about what Barbie I'd get and how much candy I'd eat, and getting older felt cool. I also thought my parents, in their 30s, were super old.

Today I turn 27. I overslept this morning, thought about what bills we need to pay and how much oatmeal I should eat, and realized that 30 is actually young. Someday I'll have my own children and they'll think I'm old, but little will they know that after they get tucked in, mom & dad go wild... and break out the wine and play board games.