Clothes for Business Branding

Although this blog is about clothes, trends and fashion I also like to share the fashion challenges I face. This week's challenge - picking an outfit for a public event representing my small business - and our very own book launch!

One of the fun things we do is sponsor Global Entrepreneurship Week in NZ.  As part of that we've produced a book; Gifts of Wisdom. So exciting to see it launched in Wellington last week, but what a clothing dilemma.  Here's what I wore...

Outfit details: Dorothy Perkins white linen jacket, Glassons sheer top, thrifted black pants, thrifted vintage leather satchel, Matalan coral beads, Overland boots.

And after saying I never wear these boots - these are the 'too long for other shoes' pants so here they are again.  Check out the Beehive - NZ's House of Parliment in the background.

I go to at least one event every year for GEWNZ, and due to the part we play our business gets pretty good exposure.  As well as making sure everything I say is right, I'm always conscious of making sure I'm presenting the right image for our business and reinforcing our brand.  After getting more into fashion in the past 12 months, I planned this years outfit very carefully, but it was interesting to reflect on what I've worn in the past...

Our brand and colours are on the side along with the GEW logo.  Does anyone else try to brand themselves without a uniform?  How do you think I did? If you do want to finding out more about the book (or even buying one - they would make great Christmas gifts) - see our website :)