Trying out - Mint with Stripes

One of the things I struggle with most on this blog is finding time and spaces to take the photos.  I have an endless supply of ideas for blog posts but coercing a helper into taking the pics and getting a good one is a never ending challenge.  I definitely want a DSLR camera for christmas (santa if you're listening) but think a photography course might be money better spent!  Feel free to comment with any links of photography tips...

Anyway at least I'm happy with the outfit!  I love belting this skirt up high and if it had of been warmer I could have shown up the ruffles that adorn the shoulders of the top. 

I think mint and the stripes just seem like a combination made for each other (also try these with mint).  Ah but for the summery posts to come next month :)  Linking up with Visible Monday today.  Have a good week everyone!