Trying Out - Coral with Animal Prints

Ok so I am over the moon today - I am the Thrifters Anonymous Member of the Week!!!  Linking up with them again today of course.  Anyway in honour of that exciting spot I though I'd better write a good post today (not to say that the other days aren't interesting of course), featuring some of my exciting thrifty finds from last week.


I'm loving this $6 coral animal print skirt and will probably do a Take 5 Challenge on it soon.  The coral background is totally on spring trend, and the animal print gives it a great edge.  The metallic coin necklace is going to become another firm favourite - statement necklaces are still huge in NZ and will be even more mainstream coming into Summer and Spring (just look at any local shop window to know).  It'll be great to have my jewellery collection again when the shipment arrives (only 2 weeks until I double my wardrobe) so no doubt statement necklaces will feature in a Take 5 Challenge soon too.

If you don't know what I mean about Take 5 - here's some of my past posts - feel free to email or comment with any suggestions or requests :)  Happy Tuesday to you all.