Trying Out - Bows

Today is the day to be brave!  I've always though big scarf or shirt bows look elegant on other people... but I'm not sure about me!  Perhaps the bow is too big?  Perhaps the scarf is to voluminous or long?  At least it's my favourite colour though! 

Don't you love how waistcoats are so slimming?  They're a great way to layer with the changeable weather too.  If you do wear a waistcoat like mine (very masculine), don't forget to add a feminine detail to avoid looking too mannish - scarf, jewellery or even with a skirt.  Of course this one was thrifted, but waistcoats seem to be available almost everywhere at the moment.

I'm also loving wearing my black ankle boots with skinny jeans.  When I first bought these boots I struggled to know how to wear them but surprisingly dark pants they are really flattering.  I had though chelsea boots were going to be a passing fad but they have been really useful and comfortable and with moving hemisphere's I've managed to get loads of wears out of them (Does anyone else buy something and divide the price by the number of wears in order to justify the purchase to yourself ?).

Finally had to get a close up of my favourite new earrings too; a birthday gift from a friend - don't you love the poppy's?

So how are you wearing your waistcoats or ankle boots?  Any new ideas for me?  Linking up today to What I wore Wednesday with CreateHopeInspire and Pleated Poppy as usual, and a new one today, Transatlantic Blonde :)