Purple Sequined Dress

I love this vibrant purple dress (although it does look more blue in these pics).  As I'm a cool coloured lady, I'm trying to branch out and explore some of the other colours that might suit that I don't normally wear (purple and blues mostly).

I headed out to a hens party on Saturday and as I'm challenging myself to wear a dress everyday in Oct, (Froctober), this was a natural choice.  As the evening got cooler I added my black zara biker jacket and a silk animal print scarf.  Some simple drop earing and make-up and I was ready to go :).

Thankfully toilet training is going a little better by day 4 - but readers I will admit to you on this Visible Monday - this pic is as good as it gets as I'm still in my dressing gown at 9am today!  Have a good week everyone xo.

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