My Thrifty Finds

As part of our house saving plan I have decided to implement a $500 per year clothing budget on myself.  I figure if it's set aside it'll be guilt free spending, and that I really do have plenty of spring/summer stuff to recyle as I live out spring/summer again (since the UK to NZ move in August).

Of course just before this self-imposed clothing limitation came into force I did have to drop by one of my favourite local thrift shops!  I couldn't pass up the following bargains;

Coral animal print skirt - no brand - $6


Floral skirt with neon accents (orange, blue and green) - $8

Portmans pastel pink cardigan - $6

Max neon green slouchy jumper - $8

Metallic coin necklace - $10


Snuff style pendant with coral bits - $5

So after a wonderful day's wear out of my new jumper, I can't wait to see what other print-tastic combos  I can come up with.  As you've probably noticed prints are a challenge for me, but I am having fun getting away from my block coloured safety zone!  Have a great weekend xo