Katie Holmes; The Covers Story.!!

Katie Holmes secret escape plan and quick divorce from Tom Cruise was played out in fashion magazine covers with what now seem to be well placed clues long before it was made public.

First there was the Wedding Cover with Tom in full Rock of Ages character between two stylish models one reaching for a gun tattoo too close to his private parts.
The explicit photo shoot was said to be the last humiliation for Holmes who headed straight to divorce court after its publication.

The 33 year-old was clandestinely plotting her break for freedom from her 5 year marriage to the 50 year-old actor. The Mission Impossible star was said to have been completely blind sighted by wife's unexpected actions. Holmes agreed to the cover and a sit down interview for the August issue of Elle well before her problems were made public. At the time she had no projects on the horizon so is fair to conclude she was preparing to resurrect her public profile which had largely been controlled by Cruise and his Scientology cronies. Then came word that the actress also posed for the September cover of Magazine.

In the Elle interview which took place in May she hinted of her future plans and impending split by saying she was "a new phase" and "I know where I want to go."

Magazine covers are intended to hint at the more intriguing content inside. In the Kate Holmes marriage bust-up that appeared to be the case if one could read the carefully placed tea leaves. The actual private details may never be fully revealed since the former 'TomKat' couple reached a hasty confidential settlement. At this point all we can do is watch the newsstands for future clues.