How to Get Beautiful Skin Luminescence Paris

We all want healthy beautiful skin however there are many factors that prevent us from attaining this goal. Age, sun exposure and unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, stress, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet) can directly affect the appearance of your skin.
In a study conducted with six hundred women, over fifty percent believed that beautiful, young looking skin was directly linked to the concept of luminosity. Lierac Paris took heed to this study and developed the first universal double action illuminating serum complexion corrector, Luminescence.

The Parisian beauty giant, Lierac Paris recognized that there was a strong need for a product that works deep down beneath the epidermis while instantly perfecting flaws (brown spots, redness, dilated pores, etc) on the skin's surface, enhancing the complexion and restoring the skin's original luminosity. This iridescent milky serum does just that! Luminescence helps to reactivate light reflection which in turn makes the skin's surface appear instantly smoother, brighter and more even. Upon application you will notice that your skin not only looks revived but also feels velvety and supple. How you ask? Luminescence directly targets brown spots, redness and skin flaws with Lierac's new exclusive CHROMO-COMPLEX technology and smoothes the skin's surface with Lens esculenta lentil seed extract and multi- colored illuminating pearls. These three active ingredients work together to reveal your most beautiful skin ever.

Application is simple. Use three drops of this light weight serum or cocktail it with other skincare products to reveal brighter, younger, more uniformed looking skin instantly. To create the ever so trendy dewy glow that we are seeing everywhere on the runways this season, mix a few drops of Luminescence into your foundation or primer. This is an easy way to indulge in this season's must try beauty trend while restoring the health back into your skin.

Clinically proven effectiveness:
Reduction in melanin spots: -7.6%
Reduction in redness: -12.4%
Increase in dermal density: +17%

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